Difficulty getting pregnant after leep

Unfortunately, having this procedure could mean that there are pregnancy complications in the future. Some women also find that they struggle becoming pregnant after a leep procedure because they are unable to produce cervical mucus. Tiffany MelletOct 16, 2015If you are sexually active, no form of birth control can completely stop a pregnancy from occurring.
Jewel FiteMar 17, 2015When women are trying to become pregnant, one thing that can slow down the process is low progesterone levels. Tiffany MelletMar 13, 2015Hyperthyroidism is a disease that affects many women and can make it difficult for them to become pregnant.
There is a small chance that a woman will be unable to conceive a child of her own after a LEEP procedure. As part of the LEEP procedure, a loop is used in clearing the cervix of abnormal or precancerous cells.

It is important to note that pregnancy after a LEEP procedure may proceed as normal in some women. The best way to find out about pregnancy after a LEEP procedure is by talking to a medical professional. The procedure may lead to problems that make it difficult or impossible for the cervix to stay closed while a woman is pregnant. How and whether a pregnancy is affected by the technique depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of cervical tissue the procedure removed and whether or not a woman has had more than one LEEP procedure.
For example, it is smart to discuss possible complications before you have a LEEP procedure and before you are planning to become pregnant.
Though the technique can be helpful in these situations, women may have some concerns about pregnancy after a LEEP procedure.
After the procedure, there may be effects that may make it a bit difficult to get pregnant or sustain a pregnancy.

Ask your healthcare provider how the procedure might affect a future pregnancy and whether or not it is the only option you have for treatment. Also ask how long you should expect it to take before your cervix has fully recovered and the length of time it is wise to wait before you become pregnant. There is an elevated risk of preterm labor following the treatment, but most women are able to have normal pregnancies and deliveries.

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