Difficulty getting pregnant after first pregnancy

Another issue that often plagues women who are looking to become pregnant with their second child is their age.
The closer we come to reaching the age of 35, the harder that it becomes for us to become pregnant. It is also possible that you have developed other fertility issues since you had your first child. Other issues that may cause problems with a second pregnancy are related to weight and diet. Both women who are underweight as well as those who are overweight struggle with this problem and it is best to get yourself to a healthy weight before trying to become pregnant. Although this may be frustrating, most couples are able to become pregnant in this year and the majority of those trying become pregnant on their own within 18 months. When you are looking to become pregnant with your second child, it can be extremely frustrating to learn that you are having problems conceiving.
While it may not have taken very long to become pregnant with your first child, it is very common to have difficulties with your second. Many doctors advise to begin a prenatal vitamin before you even begin trying to get pregnant. Once you are ready to begin trying to become pregnant, there are some things to keep a watchful eye on.
While you are conducting your research, you may run across information telling you that you need to have sex in certain positions in order to get pregnant. It is important, however, that you remain lying down for about ten to fifteen minutes after intercourse. Some stress cannot be avoided, but others, such as the stress of trying to get pregnant, can be somewhat controlled. There are also some things that you should avoid when you are trying to get pregnant because they can hinder the process greatly.
Some specific medications may keep you from getting pregnant and you may be required to change some prescriptions.
It may also be a good idea to look at your household cleaners while you are planning to become pregnant.

The journey through pregnancy to parenthood is an amazing experience that many women want to experience. It is important to remember that your body is unique and getting pregnant will only work for you in the time frame that your body requires. It’s not often I perform a mental fist bump with Kim Kardashian but when she recently spoke out about the difficulties of getting pregnant second time around I thought, I hear you lady.
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star discussed her fertility struggles at a recent press conference for her TV show, telling reporters, “It’s been more challenging to get pregnant the second time round.
The ‘not planning it’ part refers to her pregnancy with daughter North West, who’s now 18 months old. If a woman had no fertility issues the first time around but is still struggling to conceive despite plenty of sex, it may be worth getting things checked out to make sure nothing has changed.
Experts recommend that for women under 35, it’s worth seeking medical advice after a year of trying to conceive. However, if you are having difficulty conceiving and you have already had a child, this can be a very confusing time. Since you were younger when you had your first child than you were when you are trying to have your second, this could make becoming pregnant more difficult. You may have even had unknown issues at the time and were able to get pregnant simply due to luck. If you have had major changes to your weight since you were last pregnant, you may find it more difficult to conceive again.
However, when you are trying to become pregnant, it is usually suggested that you wait for a year before you begin looking for medical help.
However, if you are over the age of 35, you should seek medical attention after trying to become pregnant for six months.
You should begin to learn about the pregnancy process early and should fully understand what you are getting into before you actually get pregnant. This may seem counterproductive considering you are getting ready to pack on the pounds for nine months or so, but being overweight is one of the leading causes of women having difficulties getting pregnant. Smoking can not only hinder your chances of getting pregnant, but can also cause great harm to your baby if you smoke while pregnant.

While this will not guarantee you to get pregnant, it will allow sperm a longer period of time to get where they need to go before semen falls out of your body. Stress can be a leading cause of not getting pregnant so it is important to eliminate as much as possible from your life.
While a limited amount of either is fine and can actually distress you and increase your chances of getting pregnant, indulging in these areas to frequently can put undue stress on your body and keep you from getting pregnant. Just remember, once you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, all the hard work you put in will be worth it. Nothing like a full day of feeding, playing, bathing, all to the mind-numbing accompaniment of Peppa Pig in the background – to put you off getting down and dirty.
It is common to think that since you had no problem conceiving your first child, that you will not have issues having more, but most often this is not the case. Sometimes complications with your first pregnancy can play a huge role in how fertile you are with your second attempt at pregnancy. Working out excessively can throw your hormones off balance and make it more difficult to maintain a regular ovulation cycle.
Once you have educated yourself on parenthood, childbirth and the things to expect while being pregnant, it is time to prepare your body for the pregnancy process.
Sperm can live in your body for up to 72 hours so it is not necessary to have sex daily in order to get pregnant. Although some women are able to become pregnant quickly, without the aid of any of these tips, many others require careful planning and preparation. So it may be that Kim was quite lucky the first time round and it’s just a matter of time before she conceives again.” In fact, Kim has admitted that she suffers from the same fertility issues as her sister Khloe, which the sisters have hinted could be a difficulty with regular ovulation. Dr Lieberman says she hears this a lot, but that there’s no truth to the idea that simply ‘relaxing’ and ‘not trying’ is the way to get pregnant.
If so, think about the ways that you can lower your stress as it was when you are trying to become pregnant the first go round.

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