Dieting while trying to get pregnant

The Nurses’ Health Study, a long-term research project following 18,000 women trying to get pregnant, shed some light on the relationship between diet and conception, proving that good nutrition is key. Lay off the comfort foods while trying to conceive by limiting your consumption of white bread, white rice, potatoes and cold cereal.
In spite of this, however, I have been making an effort to eat as though I were currently, or trying to get, pregnant. But just as everyone knows that what you do or do not eat during your pregnancy can affect the health and development of your child, your diet before pregnancy occurs does as well. Nutrition not only affects your baby’s development, but it also plays a key role in helping you get pregnant in the first place. It seems pretty logical to me that your diet could have an effect on fertility and how easily you’re able to get pregnant. Fish is very dense in many key nutrients, including essential fatty acids not found anywhere else, like DHA and EPA, which are vital for eye and brain health and development in babies.
Getting plentiful amounts of vitamins D and A is critical for preparing for a healthy pregnancy. Great article, but I am leary about taking vitamin A because it can increase the risk of a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy.

Within a couple years of beginning my dietary transformation, my monthly cycles had become regular for the first time ever, and stayed that way for over a year, at which point I received the real proof that my ovulation had returned – pregnancy!
The very egg and sperm from which your future child will be conceived, takes months to mature and develop inside mom and dad’s bodies. It’s also rich in gelatin, which contains the collagen your body needs for growing tissues, and to bring elasticity to expanding bellies (which can prevent stretch marks)! That’s because folic acid is a synthetic supplement designed to replicate folate, which is the natural form. Make a note too, if you have thyroid issues, to avoid goitrogen foods (thyroid suppressing) and if you have trouble getting pregnant…even the presence of thyroid antibodies can create a miscarraige and prevent pregnancy, in that case, you may want to avoid or lessen your gluten intake.
It’s been theorized that in a window of six to twelve months, the first half to three-quarters of that time was to help the body detox and heal, while the last three months promoted maximum fertility. You can prevent other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms too, like varicose veins and excessive swelling, by making sure your pre-pregnancy diet is rich in all the nutrients your body needs to fend off those things.
But once you make a habit of including these foods, it’s easy to get the best nutrition possible for you and your future babies. Look for grass-fed cheeses at natural food stores, and Kerrygold butter, which comes from grass-fed cows in Ireland (and is the most amazing butter ever).

You can get quality grass-fed dehydrated liver in powdered form and easy-to-swallow capsules available here. Having a cup of soup made with bone broth with dinner is a nice way to get a good dose, or you can reduce broth down into a gravy and add it to your food. The more we can mimic what they did to boost up the body’s nutritional stores for pregnancy, the better our bodies can stay healthy while nourishing our children in pregnancy, and beyond when we breastfeed. Butter is where all those important vitamins found in dairy are concentrated the most, especially vitamin K2 which is critical for proper skeletal formation and genetic expression. Liver, eggs, and grass-fed dairy are great sources of folate, but getting your greens is important to boost your folate even higher.

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