Diet to help get pregnant uk

ONE nutritionist has said that a good diet can boost fertility, here are the top 10 foods for men and women she believes couples can eat when they are trying to get pregnant.
New research indicates a diet containing lots of monounsaturated fat - found in the fleshy green fruit, olive oil, as well as peanuts, almonds and cashews - can as much as triple the chance of success in women resorting to fertility treatment to conceive.
Being a healthy weight primes your body for baby-making, and eating well lays down stores of nutrients that get pregnancy off to the best start. The government's eatwell plate is a useful visual guide to the proportion of each food group that should make up your daily diet.
Being overweight before conceiving has been linked to increased risk of complications once you're pregnant. Vitamin supplements are not a substitute for eating well, but may help if you're finding it hard to have a varied diet.

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If you and your partner stick to a healthy, balanced diet, you may be able to boost your chances of conceiving (Homan 2007).
But there are other good reasons for getting to a healthy weight before you begin trying for a baby.
Your GP may refer you to a dietitian who will be able to advise you about the best ways to gain weight. Dieting during pregnancy is not recommended, so now's a great time to start making healthy eating choices that you can stick to once you do conceive (Williamson 2006).

If you build it into your daily routine, perhaps walking briskly to work, getting off the bus one stop earlier, or taking the stairs (NICE 2010), it will be more achievable. Only take a vitamin supplement tailored to women who are trying to conceive or who are pregnant. Too much retinol in your body once you're pregnant could harm your baby (Barrowclough 2009, CKS 2007). Eat from a smaller plate if it helps.Have healthy snacks to hand, such as a handful of fresh or dried fruit.

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