Daphne oz pregnancy due date

The event was to raise awareness of and funds for pregnant women in need of medical care in the┬ádeveloping world. The ladies joined together to honor Daphne’s approaching birth and to foster a conversation about the issue of preventable maternal mortality.
Here's one kid who'll be guaranteed to have healthy baby food.Daphne Oz, 27, a host of ABC's daytime program The Chew and daughter of talk show host Dr Mehmet Oz, announced her pregnancy today during a taping of the show's season premiere, which will air Monday.

Daphne Oz has been married for three years to investment fund analyst John Jovanovic.On the show, Ms Oz talks about a summer trip she and her husband took to Europe and said she wanted to show a picture. One big happy family: The family took to Twitter to share the news, with Daphne posted an image of her sonogram, writing: 'Hello, baby!!
Grandfather-to-be: Daphne is the oldest child of 53-year-old Dr Oz (right) and his wife Lisa, to whom he has been married for 29 years.

Dr Oz talked to his daughter, Daphne, about expecting her first child and how excited he is to be a grandfather for the first time!

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