Dangers of pregnancy in 40s

Perhaps you've put off pregnancy to concentrate on your career, or because it’s taken you a while to find the right partner (Bewley et al 2009, Utting and Bewley 2011). There's never been a better time to try to get pregnant as an older mum, given the range of fertility treatments available. Probably the greatest advantage of waiting to have children in your 40s is that you are emotionally and financially ready for them.
By the time you reach your 40s, you may have a sense that you've been there, done that.
If you do conceive, you are more likely to need extra care during your pregnancy (Franz and Husslein 2010, Montan 2007, Utting and Bewley 2011). All women are offered screening tests in pregnancy for genetic conditions, such as Down's syndrome. Age aside, there are steps you can take to give yourself the best chance for a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. If you are in your 40s, and have been having unprotected sex two to three times a week for three months, without getting pregnant, see your GP. Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. Sarah Briggs, a former senior manager for Watford Council and British Waterways, who is married to David, a 38-year-old accountant, and lives near Carlisle, Cumbria, says she’s had no problem at all getting pregnant in her 40s.
Sadly, both miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are more common in older women (Franz and Husslein 2010, Johnson and Tough 2012, RCOG 2011).

If you’re over 35 and pregnant, you may have extra tests, antenatal appointments and interventions.
If you don't have any pregnancy complications or health conditions, you could ask for a more low-key approach. You’re also much less likely to be a smoker (HSCIC 2012, ONS 2013) and more likely to quit smoking in pregnancy if you do still smoke (HSCIC 2012).
All pregnant women are offered screening tests for chromosomal abnormalities (NHS UK NSC 2014). A greater likelihood that your baby is in an awkward position at birth (Johnson and Tough 2012), particularly if you’re over 40 and expecting your first baby (Utting and Bewley 2011).An increased risk of fetal distress during labour, particularly for first-time pregnancies in women aged over 40 (Utting and Bewley 2011). However, some doctors take a cautious approach when you are an older mum and anticipate that you need more care because of the increased risks, even if your pregnancy is going well (Carolan and Frankowska 2011).I’m an older first-time mum. Taking antenatal classes while you're pregnant will let you meet other local women who are expecting. Many 40-plus women do conceive, although there's no denying that your odds of getting pregnant are a lot lower than just a few years ago. At 40, your chance of conceiving is about 20 per cent (based on the average annual rate of pregnancy per cycle), falling to less than five per cent by the mid-40s (NCCWCH 2013:65). But keep in mind that there are plenty of women in their 40s who have trouble-free pregnancies and perfectly healthy babies. By your 40s, the eggs that your ovaries release each month are more likely to have structural problems (chromosomal abnormalities).

One last chance for pregnancy: a review of 2,705 in vitro fertilization cycles initiated in women age 40 years and above. Most have perfectly healthy pregnancies and babies but being an older mum can affect your pregnancy and the birth (RCOG 2011). These conditions can affect how well your pregnancy and birth goes, as well as your health (Franz and Husslein 2010, Utting and Bewley 2011). Her youngest child, Edward, was conceived when she was 48; all her pregnancies were natural, without any fertility treatment. A lot of the couples were over 35 and had been trying to get pregnant for ten years.’Ultimately, she thinks it’s unhelpful for doctors to put pressure on women to have their children younger. Most consultant-led hospital antenatal clinics are run by midwives and you may be offered an appointment with a doctor only at certain points in your pregnancy. Claudia, originally from Yorkshire but now based in Spain with her husband Javier, 30, says each time she conceived naturally and extremely quickly, with textbook pregnancies.She feels so strongly that older women face an unwarranted barrage of negativity if they want to try for families that she wrote Right Time Baby, a guide to later motherhood.

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