Dangers of pregnancy at 41

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While you may feel as if this pregnancy has been going on forever, studies show that 70 percent of post-term pregnancies aren't post-term at all.
It’s a common misconception that pregnant women need to eat significantly larger amounts of food when they are expecting. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy is linked to a number of negative health effects for both mom and baby. Folic Acid: Pregnant women (and those planning on becoming pregnant) need higher levels of folic acid. Protein: While many pregnant women worry that a vegetarian diet contains insufficient levels of protein during pregnancy, the opposite is, in fact, true. Along with making sure you take in the right nutrients when you’re pregnant, you also need to keep out things that may be harmful. Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause birth defects, fetal alcohol syndrome, learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and many other issues. Astrocytoma, a common brain cancer in young children, has been linked to mothers consuming nitrosamine-containing meats (such as hot dogs) while pregnant. I am wondering a lot of the same things as above, mainly is this diet safe while you are pregnant. I have 36 weeks pregnant and I really happy that I.ve been following Kimberly Book since last year and change my habits to eat. The foods you eat during pregnancy build a healthy body and strong immune system for your baby.

At 42 weeks pregnant, you know why they call you an expectant mother — and why now, in your 42nd long, long week, you may be calling yourself an overexpectant mother.
In fact, pregnant women only need about 250 to 300 extra calories per day, which is sufficient to provide adequate nutrition for the baby. Keeping your weight gain under control not only will allow you to have a more comfortable pregnancy, but it also makes it far easier to return to a healthy, pre-pregnancy weight. In fact, babies born to moms who gain excessive weight during pregnancy have a higher risk of becoming overweight children, and later overweight adults. Getting enough folic acid (also called folate or vitamin B9) during pregnancy is necessary for fetal neural tube growth, and can prevent common neural tube defects like spina bifida. The World Health Organization recommends pregnant women receive 6 percent of her calories from protein. According to the March of Dimes, no amount of alcohol consumption is safe during pregnancy. Smoking during pregnancy also increases risk of low birth weight, stillbirth, placental previa or abruption, prematurity, cleft palate, and other birth defects.
How do you suggest pregnant women get enough fat, protein, and iron in their diets without animal protein. Unfortunately, you probably can’t help this while pregnant,, but cranberry is well knowing for cleaning and strengthening the kidneys. At 42 weeks pregnant, you're not alone in your frustration and neither is your baby in his or her tardiness.
Since these defects can occur before a woman knows she’s pregnant in the first four weeks after conception, it is especially important for women of child bearing years to get at least 400 micrograms of folic acid a day.

Some research has shown that caffeine intake before and during pregnancy has been found to double the risk of spontaneous abortions. The PCBs were attributed to the mothers consuming fish while pregnant, which can lead to damage to the nervous system of the developing child. But fresh wild caught fish (such as pacific salmon) is excellent for brain development, pasture raised beef is high in vitamins and minerals, especially B’s and iron (which is one of the 2 main needs of pregnant women as per the CDC).
About 5 to 6 percent of women have prolonged pregnancies that extend three or more weeks beyond their estimated due dates. So even though your baby seems (by all calendar accounts) to be overdue, there's a chance your dates (not your baby) are just a little off the mark, especially if you didn't have an early ultrasound (before week 18) to date your pregnancy. Now that I’m pregnant I kept saying to myself I hope Kimberly does some posts about pregnancy seeing that you have pregnant clients and you did!! Pregnant women also need meat for tissue integrity… Vegetarians are at a higher risk for vaginal laceration and birth, and heal slower.
Waiting that long to deliver also increases your chance of developing an infection in your uterus that could be dangerous for your baby or of having a stillbirth.
I keep visiting your site to see if there are helpful ways to transition into pregnancy better. What's more, your labor is more likely to be prolonged or stalled, both you and your baby have an increased risk of injury during a vaginal delivery, and you double your chances of needing a c-section.How your life is changingIt's hard not to be anxious when your due date comes and goes and you're still hugely pregnant (especially when well-meaning family and friends keep calling to check on your status!).

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