Could i be pregnant but negative test

Waiting for the test can seem like hours; although it only takes seconds to see the colors run through the windows. Today, most over-the-counter tests used to confirm pregnancy, measure around 5mcg of HCG, which is extremely scarce.
The pinker (or bluer) the line on your test, the higher concentration of HCG you have in your system.
Today I was supposed to start my period but it never came so I went n took a dollar store pregnancy test and the line that came out was perfectly in the middle of the C and the T. I took a test from the dollar tree yesterday , the only reason I took one is because I have been having mood swings like crazy, My back , and people have been point out my stomach I really looked at it last night and it looks like a baby bump ! When you're trying to conceive, the urge to take an early pregnancy test as soon as possible is sometimes overwhelming. Thus, if you are hoping for a positive home pregnancy test but are greeted with a negative early pregnancy test, do not despair. It included two tests inside the box, just so you could be doubly sure that the answers are correct.

They work by measuring the amount of HCG, which is a pregnancy luteinizing hormone, in your urine. You may have minor amounts of HCG in your system, but the pregnancy is in your fallopian tubes rather than in your uterus.
I went to my local WIC clinic a month after I had my last period and had a pregnancy test done and it came back positive. That means I would be 7 weeks as of this Monday, but yesterday I went and bought a cheap test from the Dollar Tree and took it and it came back negative, but I have all the symptoms of being pregnant. The earliest home pregnancy test on the market promises the potential to detect a pregnancy six days before your missed period. Some women do not have enough pregnancy hormones in their system to produce a positive test result until a few days after their missed period.
And had you not taken a test, your menstrual cycle would have started normally and you would have never been the wiser to the pregnancy. Well I went yesterday and bought 2 home pregnancy tests from the Dollar Tree and took them both and they both came back negative.

By the same token, you may take a test too early when your pregnancy hormones are just too low to detect through a urine test.
If you did ovulate later than usual, you could be testing too soon, getting a negative result instead of the positive result that you would have gotten a few days later. However, another woman might have to wait until two or three weeks after she ovulates to have enough hormones in her body to get a positive test result. Otherwise, you may actually be out of the date range of the test, which could then give you a negative result when you are actually pregnant.

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