Could i be pregnant at 43

The San Diego State University professor has refuted statistics that claim there is a significant difference in the odds of getting pregnant in your late twenties. Reproduction journal, which used the historical record as its source.She says that women are now basing their pregnancy plans on these antiquated reports, and should focus on modern studies, that show a more encouraging outlook when it comes to getting pregnant.
If the risk is high, then women are offered amniocentesis.Because these hormones and proteins are already higher in a multiple pregnancy, women expecting twins have only the NT scan – which is 80 per cent accurate.

Although we would have wanted to know our babies were healthy, the thought we could risk losing them was devastating.’Thankfully for Carolyn, her consultant suggested having the Ariosa test, which has been available privately since May.
I’m looking forward to enjoying the rest of my pregnancy without worry.’The couple’s doctor, Dr Bryan Beattie, a consultant in foetal medicine at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, wants the NHS to provide the test as a routine screening.

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