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The first thing to ask your doctor when you are getting a prescription is if your insurance will cover the Clomid or not.
If you are on Clomid to get pregnant, make sure your man refrains from masturbating from days 8 through 16 of your cycle.
Clomid has been known to stimulate ovulation in up to 80 percent of the women who take it, and more than half of those women will end up pregnant as a result of the drug.
Chances are, if you are even a little bit familiar with fertility treatments, you have probably heard of Clomid Twins.
According to many internet message boards and other fertility related gossip, it seems that every woman that takes Clomid will most likely have twins. If your insurance will not pay for the Clomid, make sure to request the generic version of the drug since it will be much cheaper. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.

Eighty percent of twins conceived while on Clomid are fraternal twins, and the other twenty percent are identical twins. If your doctor has prescribed Clomid for you, you might be asking yourself what the best way is to get pregnant while on Clomid. On days 5-9 I took Clomid 50mg (dec 6-10) Today is currently day 15 and I still haven’t received signs of ovulation, I have taken an ovulation test every other day vs everyday. Besides being one of the most commonly prescribed and widely successful fertility drugs on the market, Clomid has a reputation for being a twin baby making miracle drug.
Fraternal twins are more common while taking Clomid because Clomid allows your body to produce more than one egg, which is how fraternal twins are formed.
This is because Clomid has a tendency to dry up cervical mucus so this medicine can sometimes help.
Also I read it is possible for women to ovulate as late as day 16-20 or week 3 after taking clomid.

Women who have a family history of fraternal twins, will of course be more likely to conceive twins on Clomid than other women. This is why women who take Clomid do have a small increased chance of having twins or higher order multiples. Clomid does increase the chances of having twins by a small amount, but it is really not that much. Also, women who are on a higher dose of Clomid, are obese, or are over age 45 will have a greater chance of conceiving twins.
Your healthcare provider can help you to answer any other questions that you may have when it comes to Clomid and your chances of conceiving twins.

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