Conceiving a baby myths

Before there was more knowledge regarding how the human body functions in regards to child birth, many myths were put in place regarding how to plan the birth of a boy rather than a girl.
Enjoy yourself and bend and twist your way into any move you like that gives you the most pleasure, because all sexual positions are equally suited for baby making, and there is no scientific proof that one move is more efficient for conception than another.
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However, while many of these myths were not fully understood, many of them have been proven scientifically and are now accurate when you are trying to become pregnant with a boy. Knopman, adding that the chance of getting pregnant is about 20 percent during this time (with age varying this number), and by a year, the likelihood of conceiving decreases to about three percent. Infertility is often a painful issue that many couples won't bring up, and because many suffer in silence, you may not have realized that many couples you talk to may have had (or are still having) problems conceiving.

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