Conceive plus

If you have just started trying to get pregnant or have been trying for a while, Conceive Plus® can help increase your chances of conception naturally! Conceive Plus® is a FDA cleared fertility friendly personal lubricant that is formulated to be isotonic and meet a pH range compatible with human sperm survival and migration.
Conceive Plus® is clinically proven to not harm sperm function like other personal lubricants can and to be safe for use by all couples who want to get pregnant naturally.

CLINICAL USE: Conceive Plus® can also be used in fertility interventions to facilitate entry of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the vaginal cavity.
The unique formulation of Conceive Plus® has been clinically proven to maintain sperm viability, sperm motility and be safe for embryo development, assisting in providing an environment that may increase the likelihood of pregnancy. Regular lubricants are proven to have negative effects on the fertilization process and should be avoided when you are trying to conceive.

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