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Fertibella has a TTC kit that contains 2 months of supplements (clearly marked ¬†for which month you need to take them Month 1 or Month 2), LH strips for detecting ovulation and HCG strips to determine if you are pregnant! When choosing to do the free 30 day trial, you also get to pick a bonus item of either 20 early result pregnancy tests, 20 one step ovulation strips or a combo of 10 ovulation strips and 10 pregnancy tests. I did not get pregnant using month 1 of this kit so I ended up back at my doctor for another round of meds. So while I did not get pregnant on this, I’ve read numerous reviews where ladies have had success.
I never really wrote much about our experiences in trying to get pregnant with Baby #1 who as you know is now lovingly referred to as sweet Baby K!
Every month (or mulitple times a month) when I tested to see if we were expecting, my heart dropped a bit, wondering why it wasn’t happening for us.
After struggling for 3 years to get pregnant with Rylie including one loss along the way, I think I could write a book on all the tricks and treatmegnts I tried along with the emotional rollercoaster you can’t seem to stop.
Although, we aren’t currently actively trying to get pregnant right now, I knew it would come in handy for the future.

I found that the skinny dip stick tests that are packaged in a rectangular foil pouch do not seem to be very sensitive. After thinking I was pregnant only to be upset when we found out that I wasn’t, Captain J and I realized we wanted to start a family. ConceiveEasy is a natural ingredient supplement designed to enhance the body’s fertility by stimulating ovulation.
The only thing I noticed that might be a downside to the pregnancy test is that the result reading could be confused. I caught a small glimpse of that in the many months it took for us to get pregnant with Baby K. When I was using a First Response test and this test at the same time, same urine, I got a nice line on the First Response and their skinny dip stick barely had a line. I am currently very early in my new pregnancy and right now just praying that it all goes well! So with the same urine again I used their midstream test but dipped it in the cup for 6 seconds (as instructed to do if you are using it for a midstream) and I did get a nice line on that one.

When you are trying to get pregnant, you need to be sure that your luteal phase is at least 10 days long to ensure that the egg has time to implant and develop.
So if given the choice, I’d get the midstream test if you have that option, and just dip it in a cup of pee for 6 seconds. I did find too that the test lines did not evenly display in the window, it was off center.
In one of my tests I couldn’t even see the control line and my result was in the center of the window rather than toward the side.

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