Clary sage for getting pregnant

Learn from a nurse practitioner sharing information about Young Living Essential Oils for healthy living! This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
Add your preferred Young Living essential oil combination for a total of 15-20 drops then mix again well. We were ready for baby #1 but I was not strong enough or healthy enough to carry a pregnancy.
I have no doubt that resetting my body and giving myself a clean slate to start with was very influential to becoming pregnant so quickly. It absorbs quickly, so I just apply then go about getting ready before getting completely dressed in the morning.

Some contain triclosan, fragrances and sometimes perfume grade essential oils. Aluminum is an allergy for many and can commonly cause dermatitis, a localized skin reaction.
I do love Purification in my underarm spray or solid for it’s cleansing and purifying benefits and simplicity of choosing one oil but get creative in your combos. For my recipe I used 5 drops Patchouli, 5 drops Clary Sage, and 5 drops Lavender essential oils. You may want to avoid Clary Sage if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. The adoption process was a little over a year and a half, which relatively speaking for adoptions, was quick.
Believe me, once you do get pregnant, you’ll need those 11 oils to help you with a healthy pregnancy to combat everything from morning sickness to stretch marks. Not that 34 is old, but a woman’s chances of getting pregnant start declining quickly at 35.

I would also dab a little oil (neat) where I wear perfume on my neck and wrists (I like Lady Sclareol for that. The premium starter kit is by far the best kit for a newbie, all the most used commonly used oils.

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