Chinese diet during pregnancy

At some point during their pregnancy, most women will hear that you should avoid Chinese food as it is harmful to both you and the baby.
Some experts and moms say it is unhealthy due to the MSG in it, but it is usually safe to have Chinese food during pregnancy in small quantities. According to Babycenter, Monosodium glutamate, MSG, occurs naturally in many different foods and is most commonly known for being in Chinese and other Asian dishes.
If you are not sensitive to MSG and choose to consume small amounts of MSG during pregnancy, you should know that this has not been proven harmful to your developing fetus.
Always talk to your doctor before you start trying a new food or if you want to learn more about which specific Chinese dishes to eat and to avoid during pregnancy. As long as you are not sensitive to MSG, it is usually safe to eat Chinese food during pregnancy.
Some dieticians even believe that certain Chinese foods can be helpful during your pregnancy. Another important thing to remember is that when eating any food, Chinese included, you must find a healthy balance that covers most of the food groups, avoiding fat and sodium. Within Chinese Medicine, the taboo foods list is much longer and not so neatly compartmentalised to the untrained eye. For those unfamiliar with Chinese food philosophies, the list above might appear to be cobbled together without rhyme or reason. I steadfastly ignored the Chinese principles, but by and large adhered to the Western ones throughout my pregnancy.

The main concerns behind the restriction against Chinese food are the freshness of the ingredients in addition to the possibility of the presence of MSG, monosodium glutamate.
This is in case someone (whether or not they are pregnant) experiences a negative reaction. These are Chinese soups traditionally used in Chinese medicine for their therapeutic properties. If you want to continue eating Chinese food, opt for items that have less sauce and instead rely on herbs for their flavor. The Master now reliably sleeps in his cot during the day and recently started sleeping better at night, and on a few glorious occasions now, blissfully sleeping through the night.
You see, I had to pleasure of being advised by both Western medicine health principles and Chinese medicine and cultural principles.
I’m sure my Western readers might scoff at the thought of things like watermelon being a taboo food during pregnancy, but then there are close to 1 billion Chinese who might think otherwise and would in turn scoff heartily at any suggestion that the high GI, gestational diabetes promoting white rice would be anything less than welcomed with open arms.
I’m not sure we have any bans on chillies, but I imagine the Chinese from the Western provinces like Sichuan wouldn’t dream of banning chilli!
Although they are bland, they are filling and can be a good option while experiencing nausea during pregnancy.
You see, despite what you think, it seems pregnancy and parenthood is not your own personal experience – it belongs to the wider public.
I didn’t tell her that I developed a very healthy appetite for watermelon during the warm summer months when I was pregnant and probably ate my body weight in watermelon.

In the immediate weeks and months afterwards I systematically went through my post pregnancy wish list, devouring all the dishes I lusted after and salivated over for nine long months and dragging the patient Co-pilot and a blissfully unaware Master along for the ride. Whereas Chinese principles appear to be based on the balance of yin and yang within the body.
Some of my more traditional Chinese cousins and friends would admonish me when they heard of my watermelon cravings and appeared to truly believe that their own experience of adhering to or alternatively, ignoring the Chinese principles contributed to their own child’s lack of, or abundance of health afflictions respectively. Crunching the numbers of actual infections or complications caused by specific foodstuffs, her findings are published in her book Expecting Better: Why The Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom Is Wrong. The long and the short of it is that the numbers fly in the face of most pregnancy taboo foods and turned those popularly held beliefs on their head.
When I told our Italian Nonno that I wasn’t allowed to eat prosciutto during pregnancy there was certainly a dubiously raised eyebrow (this was followed by some very mild pressure to have a shot of grappa for health). Mostly, these vinegars, which even go into the making of many of the Chinese rice are both salty and sweet ended.
One major culprit that brings all this bad name for the Chinese foods is MSG or monosodium glutamate. Reports have indicated that MSG and aspartame, another excitotoxin increasingly found in Chinese foods, readily crosses the placental barrier and overstimulates the growing brain of the fetus.

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