Chances to get pregnant with one ovary

There are many things that you can do to give yourself a better chance of becoming pregnant, but in the end, you may need help conceiving from your doctor.
There are many things that you can do to increase your chances of becoming pregnant even if you have only one ovary. During this appointment, you will be able to ask questions that may help you learn the best ways of becoming pregnant and your doctor will probably prescribe a prenatal vitamin for you to take daily as well. Keep in mind that it typically takes couples who are healthy several months to become pregnant, so it may take you longer. It is possible that having one ovary may make it more difficult for you to become pregnant, especially if there is also damage to your fallopian tubes or they have been removed due to surgery. You may find that your doctor decides to prescribe fertility drugs in order to aid with the ovulation cycle. Read previous post:Difficulty Getting Pregnant while BreastfeedingFor many women who are breastfeeding, having another baby is the last thing on their mind.

However, it will be comforting to know that it is possible to become pregnant without two ovaries. While there is a chance that women with only one ovary will ovulate less frequently, it is more common for ovulation and conception to be a normal occurrence. If you do only have one ovary and are finding it difficult to become pregnant, be sure that you follow the following steps that may increase your chances. Any woman who is looking to become pregnant soon, should schedule a preconception appointment. Your doctor is likely to run tests to determine what other issues may be present and give advice regarding certain things that you should do in order to become healthy enough to become pregnant. You should record the results in a calendar so it is best to keep both the calendar and your thermometer within reach of your bedside.
When you record a slight fluctuation in your temperature from one day to the next, you will know that you are ovulating and will be able to schedule intercourse around your cycle.

However, if you have been trying to get pregnant for over 12 months, you should speak with a fertility specialist. If this is the case, you should speak to your doctor before you begin trying to become pregnant. If you do find that you are unable to have children without the aid of medical procedures, there are many that you can choose from to aid you in your quest to become pregnant. However, it may be more difficult and you may have to participate in some careful planning in order to become pregnant.
However, a woman with only one ovary may benefit from this more because a doctor will be able to run tests to make sure that everything else is functioning correctly.

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