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The aim of fertility testing is to rule out any possible cause that could be reducing or stopping your chances of a pregnancy ( Also have a read of the fertility problems).
Once these basic blood tests are taken and the results reviewed, your fertility specialist will likely order a few more intensive tests on both partners to help determine why you may be having problems conceiving. The DNA is the sperm’s genetic material, and fragmentation signifies that some of the strands of DNA have been broken.
This deterioration of the sperm DNA is thought to be due to an excess of free radicals, and DFI increases with Male age, smoking, testes exposure to heat and toxins. Enter your details below and I will send you a copy of this free ebook which reveals top tips on how to boost your chances of becoming prenant quickly. Once sperm antibodies have formed, these antibodies bind to the proteins (antigens) on the sperm head, mid-piece or tail and can affect sperm in several different ways.

Latest News & EventsLow sperm morphology is not something you want to hear after an analysis, however, it happens often.
A: Anti-sperm antibodies are protein molecules made by the woman's or man's body that are attracted to a specific site on the sperm and interfere with the sperms’s activity. A thin telescope is inserted through the navel into the abdomen so the fertility specialist can visualise the pelvis including the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. This involves the direct examination under a microscope of a sperm sample, followed by its culturing on a suitable medium for growing bacteria. The DNA fragmentation studies is a recently developed technique on semen that measures the damage of DNA in the head of the sperm, and gives a percentage value called DNA fragmentation Index or DFI for short. The results will help to understand whether factors affecting the sperm play a part in the reason why it may be taking longer to conceive.

Association, prevalence, and clearance of human papillomavirus and antisperm antibodies in infected semen samples from infertile patients. Antisperm antibodies are not associated with pregnancy rates after IVF and ICSI: systematic review and meta-analysis.

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