Chances of getting pregnant post ovulation

However, because sperm cells can survive inside your body for several days and still be able to fertilize the egg, it is possible to get pregnant from intercourse that took place a few days before your ovulation and the actual moment of conception.
Your chances of becoming pregnant are highest when you have intercourse close to ovulation, but unfortunately, perfect timing isn’t always possible. About the fertile windowThe fertile window, or your fertile period, is made up of those days in your cycle when pregnancy is possible. In a textbook 28-day cycle with ovulation on cycle day 14, the fertile window would therefore span the period from day 9 to day 14.
However, your chances of conceiving are far from equal on each of the days in the fertile window.

That said, if the reported intercourse patterns in the temperature charts were mostly accurate, 6% of the pregnancies resulted from intercourse three or more days before ovulation. Intercourse timing and chances of conceptionSeveral teams of MEDICAL RESEARCHERS have studied the relationship between intercourse timing and chances of conception.
When a mature egg cell is released from one of your ovaries, it must be fertilized within 24 hours (perhaps even less), or the egg dies and your chances of pregnancy are lost in that menstrual cycle.
In a study of day-specific probabilities of pregnancy from 2000, published in Demographic Research, the Italian researchers B.
Day -5 therefore means five days before ovulation, -4 means four days before ovulation and so forth.

But some studies indicate chances as high as 14-16% from intercourse four days before ovulation, and up to 10% five days before ovulation. Even intercourse as much as six or seven days before ovulation was reported to have resulted in pregnancy! And in future cycles, having intercourse closer to ovulation will greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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