Chances of getting pregnant on the paragard

The Paragard IUD is very effective when a woman is attempting to prevent pregnancy and is one of the most effective birth control methods on the market. While this device is safe for most women, there are still some side effects that can be attributed to it. If you are considering a Paragard IUD, it is best to talk to your doctor regarding your specific health and make sure that you are a candidate to have one inserted. In addition to this, the IUD can make it harder for the egg to attach to the uterine lining because it affects the health of the lining by making it thinner. Because of these changes, it is nearly impossible that you will become pregnant while the Paragard IUD is in place.
If you are looking to become pregnant, your doctor will be able to remove the device at any time. This device is 99% effective and it is extremely difficult to become pregnant with the device in place. If you have decided that you are ready to become pregnant, you should first have the device removed. However, it is always a good idea to take some time to get your body healthy before you become pregnant.
You should also talk to your doctor about the timeframe that you should expect to see your ovulation cycle return to normal.

It is estimated that about one out of every one hundred women that have a Paragard IUD in place will become pregnant with this device every year. There are also some groups of women who are not eligible to have a Paragard IUD inserted due to certain medical conditions. Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use.
When the lining is thinner, the embryo will have a harder time attaching, even if it does become fertilized.
However, keep in mind that the changes to your body could take a while before they revert back to normal. Since the device doesn’t provide any hormones into your system, your body should return to normal immediately after having the device removed.
However, when a woman is ready to become pregnant, having this device can make it difficult to conceive.
This will help you to have a better chance of conceiving because you will know when you are fertile.
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If you do find yourself pregnant, you will need to have the device removed as soon as possible.
Taking the device out several months before you are ready to conceive is usually the best option. If you find that you are pregnant and have the Paragard in place, it is important that you have it removed.
You can do this for several months before you begin trying to conceive in order to make sure that you are healthy for your pregnancy. Sometimes it can take a few months before the ovulation cycle returns to normal after having Paragard removed. With the many options that are available for women struggling with an irregular or absent ovulation cycle, finding a treatment option should be pretty straightforward. If left in place, there could be pregnancy complications or the pregnancy could result in a miscarriage.
Plus, it effects the embryos ability to attach to the uterine lining if the egg does become fertilized.

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