Chances of getting pregnant after birth

The following chart shows the chance of getting pregnant for women who use different methods of birth control. Immediately after the IMPLANON implant has been placed, you and your health care provider should check that the implant is in your arm by feeling for it. If you become pregnant while using IMPLANON, you have a slightly higher chance that the pregnancy will be ectopic (occurring outside the womb) than do women who do not use birth control. The use of IMPLANON may also increase your chance of serious blood clots, especially if you have other risk factors, such as smoking. Some doctors say that the first few months following giving birth are one of the most fertile times for a woman. If a woman is breastfeeding, generally speaking, it is highly unlikely that she will get pregnant.
If a woman is not solely breastfeeding, it is important for her to make sure to be on some form of birth control pretty much right away. Most women do not realize that whether or not they have a C-section or a vaginal delivery, it is possible to get pregnant right after giving birth. I’m a woman of 23 years of age and i had giving birth 2 months age and i had sex with my partner ! I am 29yrs, and Its been 13 days now since I lost my baby 7hours after delivery, she is sopose to be my 3rd child, the space between the her and the older brother is 5yrs 6mnts, my family have tried all they can for me to get over it but I cant.
My blood start june 7 after finish my blood when i should sex my husband because I really what to get pregnant again. I delivered my first child last March 2015, I am worried to check if I am pregnant again because its too early . If you have decided that you are ready to conceive and try to get pregnant, it might be time to go off of your birth control pill.

Unfortunately, there is no clear cut way to know how long it will take to get pregnant after going off of the pill.
It’s important that you remember that it might take a while to get pregnant after going off of the pill.
Each box on the chart contains a list of birth control methods that are similar in effectiveness. If you and your health care provider cannot feel the IMPLANON implant, use a non-hormonal birth control method (such as condoms) until your health care provider confirms that the implant is in place. If a woman is solely breastfeeding, and her periods have not returned to normal yet, breastfeeding in and of itself can be around 98 percent effective as birth control. The time after giving birth is a very fertile time, and women should make sure that they are having protected sex.
Clinically proven to dramatically increase your chances of conception and help you get pregnant fast from the very first use. Someone sugested that the easiest way for me to forget is to immidiately get pregnant again. However, there are some things that you should know and plan for, to help give yourself the best possible chance of getting pregnant. Remember that stopping in the middle of a pack of pills might result in some irregular bleeding for a while after stopping the pill.
You might experience some withdrawal bleeding for a few days or even weeks after going off the pill, but your periods and cycles should soon regulate.
However, if you don’t get a chance to make that happen and you happen to get pregnant right away, don’t worry. One of the main reasons that doctors ask patients to wait until they have had one period is to be able to be sure of the timing of the pregnancy, so that is not a big deal.

Once you go off the pill, you have a great chance of getting pregnant, so get to trying and get ready for that positive result.
Call your health care provider right way if you think you are pregnant or have unexplained lower stomach (abdominal) pain.
And now for a limited time, Try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE pregnancy tests and a FREE Digital BBT Thermometer! Some women find that their period comes right back after stopping birth control, and for other women, it might be six months or so before their cycle gets back to normal. As a woman’s periods begin to return to normal, she will begin to be able to get pregnant again.
As you adjust to a new life, as you change another diaper, a positive pregnancy test is the last thing you want to see. Tell your doctor at least 4 weeks before if you are going to have surgery or will need to be on bed rest, because you have an increased chance of getting blood clots during surgery or bed rest. There are, however, a few different things that will determine just how fertile a woman is after giving birth.
Taking care of a newborn while pregnant is not something that appeals to most women.If you want to take charge of your fertility post birth, we are here to lend a hand.
Use a back up birth control method and call your health care provider right away if the implant comes out.

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