Chances of a rabbit getting pregnant

I'm so nervous that things won't go well for my pregnant rabbit I have a planned to be (first time) pregnant doe. I tried to palpate my rabbit, I still couldn't figure out if she's pregnant I have a first time 8 month old pregnant purebred mini rex rabbit named Adella.
Doe is ignoring babies and wants out of cage My rabbit has had 5 baby rabbits, she does not seen to want anything to do with them.
Dangerous first litter at 18 months HELP-we have a doe french lop rabbit 18 month old, we recently got another one a buck, they both got out at the same time and he may of got to her. Under Weight Nursing Rabbit About 2 weeks after I rescued two rabbits I was surprised with 5 little kits. Rabbit digs holes and refills them I have a doe and a buck, I wanna know if shez pregnant. Lop eared rabbit - new mother We were told we had 2 girls, went to cage during the week to find we had at least 7 babies.
Lionhead rabbit nesting at day 11 My lionhead is only 11 days bred and is scratching at her cage and carrying hay around attempting to nest. Getting rabbits into the breeding mood I have two does and one buck that I'm trying to breed. Rabbit pregnant with two litters I think my doe may be pregnant with two separate litters. Pregnant rabbit passing blood Hi, I'm pretty sure my rabbit is pregnant and ready to give birth. Rabbits are wonderful animals that are bred for both companionship and for commercial purposes.
Some animal experts recommend trying to find a way to allow the male and female rabbits to interact without being in the same cage or hutch. There is a chance that the male rabbit may try to mate with the female offspring he has fathered.
Practice palpation on the rabbit before she is pregnant, so you can distinguish hard, tiny pellets and other normal lumps from grape-sized, round embryos. Have your vet's phone number on hand just in case something goes wrong during the pregnancy, birth, or afterward. This version of How to Know if Your Rabbit is Pregnant was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on September 11, 2015. Sometimes breeders don't fully know the history of a litter of rabbits, and may sell or adopt a rabbit to a new home without knowing whether the rabbit was spayed or neutered.[1] Whether you're trying to breed rabbits for yourself or have recently adopted a rabbit and fear it may be pregnant, knowing about rabbit physiology and how to check for signs of pregnancy can help you plan ahead and prepare for your rabbit's future.
Unless a female rabbit (also called a doe) is carrying a large litter, she will not show any external signs of pregnancy.[2] That is why veterinarians and rabbit breeders palpate, or gently inspect (using the fingers or hands), the abdomen of a rabbit to determine if the rabbit is pregnant.
If you're unfamiliar with how to safely palpate an animal, it's recommended that you take your rabbit to the vet.

An ultrasound is the best method to determine a rabbit's pregnancy, as it is 100% accurate after the first six days of gestation.[11] Your vet can perform an ultrasound in his office to quickly and accurately determine whether your rabbit is pregnant. Rabbits are capable of breeding year-round, though fertility in males tends to decrease during extreme weather in winter and summer.
Once you know for certain that a doe is pregnant, it's important to keep her and all male rabbits separate.
This is because it may become difficult to reintroduce the two rabbits after the female has given birth if they are not properly socialized during the separation. If your rabbit is pregnant, it's important to ensure that she is getting enough food and water. You may need to make sure there's a hole in this blanket of fur so the young rabbits can breathe. Females can become pregnant within hours of giving birth, and there's a chance the male may attempt to mate with the nursing female. Within two weeks of conception, you should be able to feel the young rabbits inside the mother rabbit's abdomen.[3] But knowing how to actually feel for the fetuses without injuring them takes some skill. However, some female rabbits experience a "false pregnancy," in which the doe displays nesting behavior but is not actually pregnant.[19] For this reason, nest building is not necessarily an accurate way to determine pregnancy, though it does suggest maternal instincts.
If the pregnancy goes on much longer than this, it may be a false pregnancy, or the litter may have died inside the doe. If you have a doe that is over two years old and has not been bred, I recommend getting a different doe to breed. Plastic is not recommended because rabbits can and will chew it, and it can clog their intestines. Don't worry about her getting fat; her providing and producing milk for the babies will keep her at the proper weight since she loses so many calories doing it.
Babies, with their genitals so tiny and most of our eyes are not perfect, are much more difficult to tell.One of the most important things as a breeder is to be POSITIVE of the gender of the rabbit you are selling. It's important to get that baby out as quickly as possible, as the baby will rot inside the doe and could make her seriously sick.COLD BABIESIf babies are born outside the nestbox on the wire, especially in the winter, they have a very high chance of getting too cold. This is merely a general guide, and if you are not a veterinarian or experienced animal breeder you should not attempt to palpate a pregnant rabbit on your own. The best way to detect a rabbit's pregnancy by weight is to use an accurate digital scale and to compare that figure to your rabbit's weight before she became pregnant.
If not, Karen has answered hundreds of your questions in her book: Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, covering every aspect of pet rabbit and livestock rabbit care as well as rabbit health and disease.
I would say that the majority of pet owners that buy their rabbit from the pet store get a rabbit of a sex they didn't know they were buying.
When getting two rabbits (both presumably the same sex), they end up with unplanned pregnancies and way more bunnies then they bargained for!Because of this, we encourage people looking for a pet bunny to buy from a breeder.

But if you have a love for this amazing species, and want to experience the joy of showing, breeding and raising Holland Lop rabbits, welcome, and keep reading!These are all the methods that I more commonly hear of and that I use. Since rabbits are so needy of all four of their legs, it would be almost cruel to subject them to a life of only three legs. Raising and breeding show rabbits is trickier then just making sure the rabbits have a good personality.
When they binky, there could be a huge chance that they would injure one of their remaining limbs, because they wouldn't know how to land correctly without the missing leg.
Hopefully, with the help of other breeders, you will be able to bypass some of the more common but discouraging setbacks.I am excited to help you on this wonderful journey of raising and breeding rabbits. No matter the use of the rabbit, it's always best to have a wonderful personality and temperament.
Not everyone likes the taste of rabbit meat, so before you decide to breed for meat, taste it first to make sure you can handle it! To breed meat rabbits, all you need are big, "fleshy", or "meaty" bunnies that produce a lot of kits and come into a certain weight by a certain age.
A false pregnancy is caused by the doe knowing she ovulated, yet the sperm didn't last and so babies weren't conceived.
Yet she thinks she's pregnant and acts so.Some does will nest and pull fur even if they aren't bred. Does that are overweight have a hard time "catching" and getting pregnant and have a higher risk of complications in delivery. If her vent is a very light pink, chances are she won't want to be bred and may fight the buck. Becoming increasingly popular is "table breeding", that is, having the two rabbits on a table or high surface where you can watch everything that's going on and even help. If she gets pregnant with multiple litters, chances are neither of them will survive, and the doe has a high risk of dying during birth as well.I have one doe this has worked with. She instantly growls at the buck when she's pregnant, and wanting to breed again if she isn't.
Some pregnant does will get really mean, become territorial of their cage (which is now their "nest"), lunge, or even try to bite.

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