Can you get pregnant using a condom if it doesn't break

Human embryogenesis Home What Works & What Doesn't Pregnancy Prevention 101 Condoms ass leak or let out how can you get pregnant if the condom doesn't break if not place on operating theater taken off aright operating room if the wrong size. When people say this they mean that about 98% of women that use only condoms for contraception over a years time will not get pregnant, while the other 2% will. If you are extremely worried that condoms are not effective enough or are afraid of one breaking, you can always use it in combination with other forms of birth control (such as birth control pills, birth control shots, etc.) just to be safe. Condoms (latex) are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy (most pregnancies occur because the condom breaks) and very effective at preventing many STD's when used properly. To answer your question directly if the rubber doesn't break or The odds of gestation even if you apply condoms.

When it's The 100 manner to forestall pregnancy is of course not having sex at all but ane wouldn't set it. Whenever we hear about condoms and how effective they are, everybody throws around the fact that condoms are 97 to 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. This 2% of women that end up getting pregnant does include women who get pregnant because the condom broke. Lastly, if you do use a condom and it ends up breaking you can always use Plan B emergency contraception or other products like it to decrease the chance a pregnancy will occur.
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Other then the condom breaking, there is really no way for the semen to get into the vagina around the latex condom.

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