Can i get pregnant after two miscarriages

However, most women who experience two miscarriages will be able to go on to have a healthy pregnancy. Some doctors suggest that getting pregnant soon after a miscarriage (within six months) will actually increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy. Some doctors suggest that their patients wait until they have had two regular periods before trying to get pregnant again, so that they can make sure that their bodies are working properly. The reason behind repeated miscarriages must be analysed by a gynaecologist in order to prevent such occurrences in future pregnancies.
Once the reason behind the miscarriage is identified, your doctor can suggest remedies for the same to attain a healthy pregnancy. Just as important as physical health is mental health of the woman who has gone through two miscarriages. As soon as you show the symptoms of a pregnancy, consult a doctor for confirmation of your pregnancy and also for taking necessary precautions to prevent a miscarriage.
Even women who have had recurrent multiple miscarriages have about a 75 percent chance of going on to have a successful pregnancy later on.

A number of reasons can be attributed to repeated miscarriages like hormone imbalances, genetic abnormalities in the foetus, abnormalities in the uterus, metabolic disorders, autoimmune disorders, age related factors, inherited blood clotting disorders etc. Miscarriages can occur due to other problems which are chronic like heart problems, lupus, kidney disease, thyroid disorders, PCOS, uterine infections etc.
Treatments normally involve medication to treat hormone problems, use of blood thinners in case of clot disorders, injections for preventing miscarriages etc. This will ensure that you have the most fertile days at your disposal while trying for your next pregnancy.
Women who have had miscarriages before will have to be extra cautious and sometimes complete bed rest will be advised if the miscarriage is caused due to weak uterus and related problems. But we later agreed,we contacted him through his mail,which we were told to buy some items for the spell casting, After that 2 weeks later she missed her period. This fact can make women very worried about their chances of getting pregnant after suffering from two miscarriages. Most often than not, women who suffer from a miscarriage are not diagnosed with any particular reason.

It is implied that a woman who has gone through two or more miscarriages still have a chance of attaining a healthy pregnancy. Other chronic conditions like thyroid problems must be rectified before you try to be pregnant. Just like bodily ailments, mental instability and extreme stress too can be the cause of miscarriages. Many women who have had multiple miscarriages too have gone on to become mothers of beautiful babies with proper care and monitoring from a doctor. Probably these are all known to you and all you need to do is to just follow the procedure every month until you attain your next pregnancy.

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