Can i get induced at 40 weeks pregnant

Second, there is both direct and indirect evidence that induction can increase the risk of a cesarean section. It is true that babies who come on their own at 37 weeks do pretty much just as well as those who arrive on their own at 40 weeks.
This basic point is consistent with something that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has been saying for a long time: that elective inductions should not be performed before 39 weeks. I will not get into the weeds right now on that particular study (although here is one very critical take), but it got me thinking again about labor induction, a topic that I cover at some length in Expecting Better.

For anecdotal evidence on this all you have to do is go online: Chat boards are full of women who have had spontaneous labor and an induction and report the latter was more unpleasant. In 1990, fewer than 10 percent of births followed medical induction of labor; by 2009, this number had risen to 25 percent. My mother had three children, all without an epidural, and reported that labor after she was induced with my youngest brother was the worst, despite the fact that he was the third kid.
This is a number from zero to 10 that measures how well your baby is doing at birth—about 80 percent of babies get an Apgar of nine or 10, which means the baby is doing well, and a score of seven or below typically indicates some distress.

Going beyond anecdotes, researchers find that women who are induced with pitocin are more likely to use an epidural; increased use of pain relief probably points to increased pain (at least before the epidural is administered!).
In 1990, only 7 percent of births at 39 weeks of pregnancy were induced, but 23 percent were induced by 2009.

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