Can i be pregnant but have my period

Often, a woman can gauge when she will ovulate by counting the number of days since her last menstrual cycle. Although you may ovulate less frequently, there are ways to determine exactly when you're likely to get pregnant. For further information, for other ways to overcome irregular periods, follow the link below.
If you are nearing the age of 40 and experiencing irregular periods, then it is more than likely you are in peri-menopause.
Irregular periods can be a sign of many different things such as stress, lack of appetite, or obesity. I heard that if you have sex close to ovulation you will most likely have a boy, but I would like a little girl. I stopped taking the birth control pill 3 months ago and since then my periods have been completely irregular and I''ve had unprotected sex. I am currently taking clomid (clomiphene) and my doctor said I would ovulate on day 12 of my cycle, but according to the test I didn''t ovulate until day 16. I had a ectopic pregnancy that ruptured and was told that I wouldn''t be able to concieve-I''m not sure if I lost a tube or an ovary.
I have been on the combined pill for 10 years and been told that I could have problems gettting pregnant. I had a tubal ligation done years ago and then recently had both my tubes removed because of an ectopic pregnancy.

I have been told that I only have one ovary (the other one is missing completely) and have read that the the ovary ovulates alternately. I used to have a regular 28 day cycle, but since having my first child, my cycle is from 25 to 28 days.
I gave birth 6 months ago, stopped breastfeeding 1 month ago and have had no signs of a period yet somehow I am pregnant again.
My husband has an abnormal sperm count and after a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test, we found that I have a blocked tube.
I had an etopic pregnancy in 2005 and the removed my right fallopian tube and she noted that the left tube is clubbed.
I stopped taking the pill over 6 months ago and had two consecutive periods in the 3rd and 4th months but nothing since.
I've just had an operation to remove my tube due to an ectopic pregnancy and have now found that the other tube is scarred, I have damage to one ovary and also a bulky retroverted uterus.
I missed three contraceptive pills in a row, and had an emergency contraceptive pill on my GP's advice, however I've now missed my period, although a pregnancy test came up negative. I've been late with my period twice now (2 months apart) and was experiencing "pregnancy" symptoms, but then got my period. I have been having unprotected sex for a year and a half and I still have not got pregnant. If you have irregular periods you and your partner may face more obstacles than the average couple, but learning about these challenges and your body can help you find the appropriate treatment.

Every woman has at least a couple of irregular periods over the course of her reproductive years.
However, if you have an irregular period, this method of calculation may not work for you, making it difficult to know when you have the best chance of getting pregnant. Since counting the days since your last period may not work, you can look for other signs of ovulation. Since your body is constantly producing this hormone, it is important to test for it on a regular basis so that you can tell when your LH levels have risen. I am worried that there may be something wrong but am too scared to go to my doctor to find out.
If your periods are so unpredictable that they constantly vary from month to month, you are considered to have irregular periods. Since ovulation already occurs within a small window of time, this can result in you having fewer chances to conceive.

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