Can get pregnant at 44

This is why women see such a dramatic drop in fertility once they reach somewhere around 40 years of age. When a woman is around 40, she will only have about a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant naturally with her own eggs. That number just continues to decline from there, and there are literally no cases of a woman getting pregnant naturally using her own eggs after age 45. Whether they already have children or not, women in their forties can feel better prepared to take on the giant role that is motherhood once their careers, relationships and financial situations have stabilized in their forties.

Of course, all of these options are expensive, and can be used with varying degrees of success.
It is not impossible, and there are actually many options out there for women who wish to get pregnant at this age, but it’s definitely something to be informed about and something to go into with an open mind.
However, there is much to know about getting pregnant in your forties, and women should not go into such a battle uninformed.

It is so important for women in their forties to seek help from their doctor or a fertility specialist immediately if they decide that they want to get pregnant.

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