Better chances of getting pregnant

The researchers said sex initiates the physiological changes in the body and it also increases the chances of getting pregnant. Lead author of the study Tierney Lorenz said it is usually recommended by experts the couple should engage in regular intercourse while trying to have a baby as this increases the chances of getting pregnant.
Using three embryos however is no better than two, and the study found it was linked with an increased risk of birth complications.Some fertility clinics have been accused of risking women’s health by implanting multiple embryos to increase the chances of a live birth.

NHS cuts fertility fundingThe policy is chiefly aimed at women aged 35 and under, who have the best chance of a baby using a single embryo because their eggs are usually in better condition than those of older women. Researchers say childless women have a better chance of success with IVF if they ignore official guidelines and go for two embryos instead of oneBut the latest research, by British scientists, found that data from more than 33,000 IVF births showed two embryos maximised the chances of having an IVF baby.

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