Betadine douche when your pregnant

It is your obligation to enter the correct delivery address details at the time of ordering. You or the recipient of an order may return an item that has been purchased from GPharmacys because you have changed your mind or any other reasons provided that you pay the 25 % re-stocking fee. It is your responsibility to ensure the goods are adequately packaged to ensure that they are not damaged during return transit. Usually, we recommend women of reproductive age to douche twice a month of which once after their menstruation, to flush out the last debris of the menstruation.
We question the negative publications on using a vaginal douche, because we could not demonstrate any negative effects in 25.000 women who have been advised to douche; on the contrary, we've only seen positive effects! It should be noted that we strongly advise against douching with aggressive douching fluids like chlorhexidine and betadine, which kill all bacteria and also the useful lactobacilli (unless this approach is prescribed and controlled by your physician).
If you want to read more on the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche, please read the blog post "Multi-Gyn Monday: Vaginal douches - better than their reputation!". The abnormal condition of bacterial vaginosis is brought about when the normal, healthy bacterial inhabitants of the vagina are supplanted by mixed populations of predominantly anaerobic bacteria.
When this characteristic mixed population of anaerobic bacteria has replaced the lactic acid producing Lactobacillus species are the predominant bacterial type inhabiting the vagina, the acidity of the vaginal secretions will become significantly neutralized.
Numerous past epidemiologic studies have shown that women who douche are more likely to have bacterial vaginosis.

Of course, it must also be acknowledged that there are a variety of different brands and types of vaginal douches and perfume products. Home vaginal pH testing will not mean that a woman will be able to forgo going to a doctor as obviously, even when the test strips strongly suggest vaginosis is present, the woman will still need some sort of confirmation from her doctor's office and of course some prescribed therapy.
The problem comes when Clindesse and other clindamycin-based products have been compared with metronidazole-based products in recent studies. Clindamycin resistance in vaginal anaerobic bacteria also to have a very important spill-over effect on intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis of Group B Streptococcus, a threatening bacteria in late pregnancy13.
Ten ml of a Lactobacillus-concentrated yogurt product was used as a daily douche for 7 days; then following waiting for a week, a repeat 7-day treatment was given. Daily douching with a 3% hydrogen peroxide + 15% NaCl + 10% providone iodine mixture for 10 day, each douching followed by a thorough cleansing of vaginal wall with a small gauze. To preview the shipping charges, enter the items you want to order into your shopping cart.
Alternatively, if you request a replacement, we will deliver your replacement item (subject to availability) once we receive the return, at our cost. If you have a lot of discharge or if you think you smell differently, that's a good reason to use a vaginal douche. The most important thing you need to know about the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche is that it doesn't suck fluids back into the douche.

We therefore believe other factors are involved and give rise to the negative reports of douching.Don't use harsh douching fluids while using a vaginal douche! The Multi-Gyn effervescent tablets create the perfect douching fluid on a safe and natural basis.
This may happen for example after sex, since sperm doesn't suit the vaginal environment, which causes your body to create extra discharge and a different smell.
When you have such an anatomy, it is wise to clean these fornices by using a vaginal douche.
Martens and Monif were among the first physicians to challenge the notion that douching might be a risk to women's health. Douching after sex on the right moment of fertility does very little to prevent conception. If you want to prevent pregnancy, you should definitely always use a condom or a contraceptive pill.

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