Best time try to get pregnant

Here are some tips and information about your menstrual cycle, ovulation, and the ways you can hone in on just the right time to try and get pregnant.
Once a couple is ready to conceive, it can be agonizing to wait for the positive results of a pregnancy test, or to get a negative result repeatedly. In most cases, learning your cycle and perfecting your timing will be all that’s needed to introduce the right sperm, to the right egg, at the right time.
Get Our Blog Updates by Email:Enter your email address:You will receive a confirmation email which will require a response for subscription activation - so please watch your inbox or spam folder for it! Couples should try for a baby at Christmas for the best chance of success, according to research. Analysis of 52million pregnancies over 12 years concluded that December conceptions result in the highest birth rates.

And couples should avoid trying to conceive in the summer, US scientists from Indiana University said. Paediatrician Paul Winchester, who led the research, said mothers who conceive in December or January receive high levels of sunshine at a late stage of their pregnancy.
Couples should try for a baby at Christmas for the best chance of success, according to research. Mothers who conceive in June, meanwhile, are at the earliest, most vulnerable stage of pregnancy when there are lots of pesticides in the air from summer crop dusting, Dr Winchester said. They realised these results may be partially skewed because more people try to get pregnant in December. These work similar to a pregnancy test, using your urine to detect particular hormone levels.

Use this time to begin making lifestyle changes that will benefit you and your baby once you conceive. If you have tried to get pregnant for a year or more, or are in your 30’s, you may want to schedule a consultation with a fertility specialist to learn more about how to improve your chances of conception and discuss fertility options.
So, your best bet is to learn your cycle, figure out when you’re ovulating and then count back a few days and then start having sex as much as you want to!

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