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The Standard Days Method, the family planning method on which the family planning option CycleBeads is based, identifies days 8 - 19 as the potentially fertile days for women with cycles between 26 and 32 days long. In terms of your chances of getting pregnant on day 19 of your cycle, it depends on when you ovulated. As this information relates to the Standard Days Method, if your cycles are in the 26-32 day range then your changes of getting pregnant from intercourse on day 19 are less than 5%. That said, if you wish to avoid pregnancy, it is encouraged that you avoid unprotected intercourse on days 8 through 19! Once you have decided to have a baby and waiting eagerly to get pregnant, here are some tricks and tips by which you can maximize your chances of getting pregnant after you start trying.
It is important to know your cycle to make out when you are most fertile.  Ovulation prediction kits help you to know when you are most likely to be fertile. Finally, some important points to know in order to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.
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Being in a good physical condition before you conceive will help you feel your best during your pregnancy. Walk, swim or join a fitness class, especially one designed for pregnant women and new mothers. Check your heart rate from time to time: keep your heart rate at the lower end of the range appropriate for your age.
Additional iron, zinc, protein and B vitamins are also needed by pregnant women and their growing babies. Some babies will suffer serious birth defects if their mothers drink steadily or heavily during pregnancy. Illegal drugs used in pregnancy may cause damage to your developing baby and even cause babies to be born with an addiction. The evidence is clear that smoking (including second hand smoking) is linked to nearly every known adverse outcome in pregnancy, and is harmful to your baby.

If you work with chemicals, solvents, fumes and radiation, you should take all recommended precautions when planning a pregnancy.
If you are already pregnant, discuss this with your Birthright specialist as you may be advised to avoid any contact with some of these workplace hazards. If you are taking any type of hormonal birth control such as the pill, injection, or implants, you should allow at least one normal period before trying to become pregnant.
A regular cycle is about 28 days from the start of a period to the start of the next period.
Your due date (approximate date your baby will be born) is determined by adding 7 days and nine months from the first day of your last menstrual period. Our goal at Birthright is to provide you the best gynaecological care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where you can talk to us about your needs.
You can see a chart on this page which shows your chances for getting pregnant relative to the day you ovulate. What helps you in getting pregnant is to have sex when woman is ovulating, maintain balancing act between hormones, and stay healthy and fit. A woman finds best time to conceive by regularly having sex that improves the quality of sperms so it is better to do so throughout the month, but the most fertile period is during ovulation. Example, your cycle is 28 days for first month, 21 days for next month and 32 days for the following month. Nobody knows how much alcohol a woman can drink during pregnancy without causing harm to her baby.
Very few cause harm, but most medicines have not been studied enough to rule out the possibility. If you become pregnant with the device in place, you should have it removed as soon as possible. Subtract 17 from your shortest cycle period and subtract 11 from your longest period.  The days in between those two is the period when you will probably be fertile hence, it is the best time to conceive. The most important muscles to tone during pregnancy are the pelvic floor muscles (Kegel exercises).

Even if pregnant, studies show that being smoke-free before your 16th week reduces the risk of your baby being too small or being born early.
The most critical time is the first trimester when your baby is developing and forming organ systems.
If you do become pregnant while taking a hormonal contraceptive, stop immediately, but don’t worry, as there are no known ill effects to the baby from these hormones.
Women at higher risk (epilepsy, anemia, diabetes or who had a pregnancy in which the baby had a neural tube defect) should take a higher dose. For example, woman with every 28 day cycle tend to ovulate on day 14 calculated from first day of period. Best time to conceive is within this time period, an egg must be fertilised with the sperm in order to get pregnant. There are other fertility awareness methods that can be used by a woman with shorter, longer, or irregular cycles though and which will help you to determine when you are fertile each month. At this time, you must have sex for a couple of days to consider the sperms waiting in the fallopian tube to meet the egg during its release.
Both of these methods can be used by women who want to use a natural method, but don't have cycles in the 26-32 day range required to use the Standard Days Method. We can tell you that if you have sex and then ovulate 4 days later, your chances of getting pregnant are about 10-15%.
The graph at the top of this page outlines probability of getting pregnant based on when you had intercourse relative to when you ovulated. We are not able to give medical advice and encourage anyone with specific, personal questions about their cycles to talk to their health providers.
If your cycles are consistently 29-30 days it is possible that your fertile window could be slightly shorter.

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