Best method for getting pregnant

You're probably getting a lot of tips from colleagues, friends or your mother now that you're trying to get pregnant. Vitamin C can protect the sperm's DNA from getting damaged and helps enhancing the sperm's quality. If you've been trying for over a year if you're under 36 or 6 months if you're over, see a doctor.
Being overweight has an overall negative effect on your health, not to mention your potential of getting pregnant.

You're looking for fluctuations that are smaller than a degree -- so a basal thermometer is necessary. Smoking does not only affect your fertility, it also could damage your unborn baby if you do get pregnant. Studies have shown that women who are obese have lower conception rates.[3] Fertility doctors often advise losing some weight before undergoing fertility treatments, for those who qualify.
Though some say they don't have an effect on fertility, it's best just to avoid them all together.

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