Best day to get pregnant boy

I had sex 3days before ovulation and am 6weeks pregnant now, can't wait to know the sex cos I need a girl for my 2 boys.
Ultimately, the only sure-fire way to conceive a boy or a girl is through in vitro fertilization.
Take our gender predictor test to find out if you're likely to be expecting a girl or a boy. Check the ingredients list to be sure you're getting one with only the guaifenesin and not one for multi-cold symptoms.

For the record, I followed all the tips for a boy and welcomed our second baby girl with open arms last year. Use our handy dandy ovulation calculator to help you plan to do the deed two or more days before ovulation.
Many moms claim pregnant sex is the best they've had due to increased blood flow down below. Bumping up your sodium and potassium intake is also suggested for those trying to conceive boys.

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