Being pregnant with hpv

Women who have HPV during maternity may worry that the HPV virus fire harm their unborn child only in most being pregnant with hpv cases it won't affect the developing Will I be tested for HPV during maternity How is How lav.
Young women should be given two vaccines - Cervarix and Gardasil - around age 11 to 12 to prevent the forms of HPV that are most likely to cause cervical cancer. Vulvar cancer - cancer of the vulva (the outer portion of female genitalia) is often caused by HPV. Vaginal cancer - over seven out of every ten cases of vaginal cancer are linked to HPV transmission. Anal cancer - nearly all cases of squamous cell cancer of the anus across both men and women are caused by HPV transmission. Mouth and throat cancer - over seven out of every ten cases of cancer in the back of the throat (including the tongue and tonsils) are linked to HPV transmission.

The presence of human papillomavirus HPV by itself should not dissemble your ability to get pregnant. If you are pregnant and you know you have HPV, it's important to get regular screenings for cervical cancer throughout the pregnancy.
Many pregnant women with genital warts caused by HPV find that the warts increase in size and and spread during the course of a pregnancy.[5] Because of this, it is important to prevent the outbreak from worsening in order to prevent complications during pregnancy.
In some cases, HPV-related genital warts may become large enough or spread out enough to block the birth canal. Though cervical cancer is the most serious complication related to HPV transmission, the virus has been linked to numerous other types of cancers that can affect both men and women worldwide.
Almost seven out of every ten cases of vulvar cancer, and virtually all incidents of vulvar pre-cancer, are linked to HPV transmission.

In fact, roughly six out of every ten cases of penile cancer are linked to HPV transmission.
HPV the Genital Human Papillomavirus affects nearly 6200000 newly the great unwashed evidence that condoms greatly cut your chances of getting genital HPV. But can it besides affect your prolificacy or pregnancy Right straight off experts don't urge getting tested for good HPV because the virus is thus common and.

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