Being pregnant ruins your body

Barely a week goes by without yet another celebrity flaunting her enviable bikini body just weeks after having a baby. Thigh's the limit: Natalia dislikes her wobbly thighsLooking back at my body pre-pregnancy I think I was too thin, but my legs were much better than they are today. Pleasantly surprised: Aoife hasn't changed a bitI was pleasantly surprised by my post-pregnancy body. I felt like a tiger mum when they were bright red.I split up with my partner Clemence, 39, a psychiatric nurse, shortly after I fell pregnant.
I weighed 13st 7lb and was a size 16, but for many years I wasn’t bothered enough by my size to sacrifice my beloved takeaways.Then, exactly three days after I’d actually resolved to do something about my weight and started the Dukan diet, I discovered I was pregnant.
Femail asked six brave mothers to reveal the toll pregnancy has taken on their figures.HUGE STRETCH MARKSNatalie Edmonds, 26, is a holistic therapist from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Both myself and my partner Mark, 29, a financial supervisor, were thrilled when I fell pregnant, even though I was sick every morning for the first trimester.I put on two-and-a-half stone with most of the weight going on my bottom and my legs.
I am generally happy with my body although I know my stomach will never look the same again.SAGGY BUSTAimee Marshall, 22, is a hairdresser from Braintree, Essex.

I used to stand in front of the mirror pushing my tummy out and willing it to happen.Out of fear of something going wrong, my boyfriend of four years, Ted, 27, a builder, and I didn’t tell anyone we were having a baby until I was six months pregnant.
I only put on a stone and my bump didn’t become obvious until I was six months pregnant.That’s not to say I didn’t look like a wreck. I loved the excuse pregnancy gave me not to worry about my weight.When I went into labour with Mason he was in breech position so I had to have an elective Caesarean section.
It was so different to how I’d anticipated pregnancy would be that I kept going back to my GP. I was angered by her rudeness but exasperated with my body nonetheless.I lost the three stone I’d put on within just three weeks of Elliott’s birth in November 2010.
After two weeks, I shrunk to a size 12 and had to buy a whole new wardrobe.The change in my body was quite disconcerting. Being a mum takes up all my energy.After having me, my mother, who’s a size 8, spent decades dieting.
Being fit enough to go for walks with Cian after eight weeks was a huge boost but I didn’t get back to my pre-pregnancy weight until he was six months.I realised I’d done it as I managed to pull on a favourite red dress for Cian’s Christening.

I still only put on two stone, but felt bigger, as if the cumulative effect of three pregnancies had taken their toll on my body.Five months in, I discovered I had a complication called anti-E, which meant antibodies in my blood were attacking that of my unborn child. Eadie’s dad and I split up when I was six months pregnant and I’m too embarrassed to even contemplate another physical relationship.I haven’t been put off having more children but wish I’d been aware of the havoc it would cause my body. As Mark says if I’m feeling low, my body may be bigger than it used to be, but it’s given us our son.WOBBLY TUMMYRachel Barker, 30, is a full-time mum from Colchester, Essex.
I feel more womanly because of what my body has done, but less attractive.Kevin says I’m still beautiful but it has affected our marriage — I always wear pyjamas in bed.

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