Being pregnant is miserable

There are sooo many bizarre and annoying things that happen in the third trimester of a pregnancy that no one warns you about until you're there. Also mention that it may suck for you to dress yourself if you don't submit to a girly ass pregnancy mentality. Your body goes through so many changes when you get pregnant — too many to even keep up with and the same goes for as you age throughout life.
We have come up with a list of items to share with you that demonstrate how being pregnant is a lot like getting older. Now if this list hasn’t convinced you of the odd similarities of being pregnant and getting older or at the very least made you chuckle, then you are just clueless and hopeless. To the people who tell me, "You look great!" without even really looking at me, but just know that's what you say to a very pregnant woman: I love you. To my previously big, but now porn-star-sized boobs: Before we were pregnant, you were DD's.

To the stranger who not once, but twice, but BOTH hands on my belly and exclaimed, "I love babies!" I made it so far into my pregnancy without this happening and now you've ruined my perfect record.
Once upon a time I thought pregnancy was the best adventure I could ever be on and I loved it, every moment. While I have had a difficult time this pregnancy I have had great friends and family saying all the right things when I have been so defeated and down and worried. Filed Under: Baby, Fibromyalgia, personal, Pregnancy, Rory Baby, Surrogacy   Follow Kimberly Storms (LittleCrunchy) on Google+! I am done, done, DONE with being knocked up, but I'm not so sure I'm down for the labor part to come. Some of them you would, because if you've been pregnant, it's probably happened to you, or you know someone it happened to. I loved it so much that being a surrogate twice has been 2 of the things in my life I think dearly about and am so proud of doing.

Mention the cramps and the not sleeping and all of the joyful reasons why you can't sleep and the nightmares about your baby being born pregnant. This makes it difficult to fulfill my fantasies of being an adorable preggo who lives in leggings, cardigans, scarves and boots. Right now though being 30 weeks pregnant, I don’t feel beautiful, powerful, or any of the other wonderful things I have felt in the past. So far, I have gained no weight this pregnancy and that is ok because I am rather fluffy and I have diabetes. My blood sugars have been under control for the most part and my last A1C was 5.9, a fantastic number for someone diabetic and pregnant.

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