Being pregnant in vegas

Alia Preston, the lady behind popular fashion blog Little Mrs Priss lives with her husband in Las Vegas, and the couple are expecting their first baby (a little boy!) this spring!
The study said women undergo a rejuvenating process during pregnancy, which slows down aging, The Telegraph reported.Since mothers and their children share the same bloodstream, the mother’s older body receives nutrients from the child’s blood that are intended to help the newborn grow — giving the mother a rush of “youth serum,” The Telegraph reported.
She talks about maternity fashion, picks her favorite pieces & shares her top pregnancy tips on the Seraphine blog.

This slows the aging process for pregnant women and gives them a spike in youthfulness.“As we age, it is more difficult for our tissue to regenerate itself,” the report said, according to The Telegraph. Healthy eating and certain diets, which are often recommended to pregnant women to help their children, have also been linked to slowing the aging process. But it’s unclear if the mice in the study were put on healthy diets before they were studied.The study also questions long-held beliefs that pregnancy makes women look and feel older.

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