Being pregnant but test says negative

The Early HPT+ app available through iTunes, allows you to load a picture of a pregnancy test from your camera and the app uses filters that enhance or darken the pregnancy test dye. For some women who are trying to conceive, even a biochemical pregnancy could be good news: “It does prove that you’re ovulating, that at least one of your tubes is open, and that you were able to get to the embryo stage,” says Nayot. But, knowing about a pregnancy that doesn’t make it can can bring a huge sense of disappointment. Women are trying to find out, earlier than home pregnancy tests are designed to show, if they’re pregnant by taking a picture of their test stick and using programs like Photoshop to enhance the image.

Dan Nayot, a fertility specialist with TCART Fertility Partners in Toronto, says he’s unsure if ‘tweaking’ would show an accurate result.
A woman might have a heavier period and never would have known she was pregnant,” says Nayot. I had at least three miscarriages and spent lots of money on pregnancy sticks before having my daughter six years ago. One risk is that a tweaked test would still show a negative, and the woman might actually be pregnant.

But even though I know the feeling of desperately wanting to see a positive line­, I’m not sure I’d want to know about a non-viable pregnancy.

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