Been trying to get pregnant for 6 months

In my culture, it is very common for us to marry first cousins, and most of my Uncles and Aunts did. I had laser treatment on my cervix six months ago to remove lesions caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and my next pap smear revealed that the same thing had recurred.
My parents were told when I was born that when I wanted to have kids one day, that I would have to get a shot of a certain medicine and if I didn't, then my baby could come out with major disabilities.

We've been trying to get pregnant again for about 6 months but nothing yet.Yes, there are various ways to monitor whether you have ovulated (released an egg from the ovary). My Gynae tells wants to do a cone biopsy now, but says that if I want children, we should do it now, as the cone biposy can have detrimental effects on a pregnancy. Some cells grow into the womb''''s lining and the fetal life-support system (the placenta) begins to form.

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