Becoming pregnant symptoms

Below mentioned are a few early symptoms of pregnancy that helps to identify if one is really pregnant and needs to get a pregnancy check done. This smell sensitivity symptom may prevent you from having your favorite foods right from the onset of pregnancy till the completion of the first trimester. Even in the initial days of pregnancy, cravings towards certain food or food types may arise. Some women crave for sour and acidic tasting foods in the very early stages of their pregnancy while others may develop a sweet tooth. In many cases non-vegetarians have changed over to vegetarian food throughout their pregnancy and vice versa.
Generally, this symptom vanishes within a couple of months as the pregnancy progresses and the woman’s body adjusts to the pregnancy changes. The hormonal changes create havoc in the woman’s body thereby resulting her becoming like an emotional yo-yo.
Along with the swelling and sensitivity in the early stage of pregnancy breasts undergo other changes so as to start preparing for the breastfeeding stage. These changes begin to occur during the early stages of pregnancy and are also one of the most common and early symptom of pregnancy.
The stomach cramps in the early stage of pregnancy are more like pokes, contractions and squeezing in the lower abdomen. In such a scenario, the other symptoms like nausea, tenderness in the breasts, dizziness, stomach cramps can be considered as the indicator of conceiving.

This symptom occurs when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the blood thickened uterus. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned early symptoms of pregnancy it is advisable to get yourself checked so as to ensure the required medical attention and guidance from the initial days of pregnancy itself.
Exclusive Bonus: Download our short guide to managing pregnancy, an excellent resource with helpful guidance and practical tips for pregnant women. The transition from a young woman to a new mother, a pregnant woman’s journey is filled with happiness, anxieties, doubts and fears. Keeping a check on these early symptoms of pregnancy will help you cherish, nurture and enjoy this wonderful stage of life right from the first moment of conceiving till the birth of your child. In the early phase of pregnancy, a woman becomes very aware of the various odors around her.
As a pregnant woman’s body is working extra hard the food requirement needed to fuel this process increases manifold thereby leading to hunger pangs and cravings.
Some women experience excruciating headaches due to the hormonal upheaval and increased blood flow in their pregnant body. Women in the early days of pregnancy can go from crying to anger to laughing out heartily in just one minute. The increased hormonal changes result in the breasts becoming fuller, getting tender and hyper sensitive to touch. Stomach cramps in the early days of pregnancy is normal and one should not be worried about it unless it is accompanied by any other alarming signs.

Drinking adequate amount of water and having a nutritious diet is the key to keep this early pregnancy symptom in check. But if the increase in the basal body temperature continues for a longer period of time it means a confirmed pregnancy. This is another very early symptom of pregnancy and is often confused as the beginning of the menstrual cycle itself. For some women this can be a sign of the onset of pregnancy while for others it may begin much later into the second trimester of pregnancy.
This will ensure there is no compromise in nutrition on account of this early pregnancy symptom and there is healthy eating for the entire duration of your pregnancy. Meditating and calming techniques are some of the methods to control mood swings during pregnancy. Once the body adapts to the pregnancy this symptom disappears so long as the blood pressure remains in control.

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