Baby hiccups during pregnancy

In babies whose respiratory systems are fully developed, fetal hiccups can be caused by a contracting diaphragm. Sometimes, a mature fetus will hiccup when it is developing the reflex that will allow him or her to nurse after birth.
Also be aware that very rarely, women can mistake fetal seizures, which can be harmful, for fetal hiccups, which are usually harmless.
The feeling can be very strange for a pregnant woman, as she will notice strange spasms in her stomach that are unlike any other pregnancy sensation.

Some women might only experience fetal hiccups a few times during their pregnancies, however.
For example, in some rare cases, fetal hiccups can be a sign that the cord is becoming compressed around the baby and the baby isn’t getting enough air. If a woman notices a sudden increase in the urgency, frequency, or strength of her baby’s hiccups, she should have her doctor or local emergency room check right away for cord compression. If you happen to notice any of these symptoms it is important to seek immediate medical care to find out for sure if there is a problem with your baby.

The majority of the time, fetal hiccups are completely normal and harmless, and are a funny little quirk? of most pregnancies.

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