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I tell every expecting mother to do #7…but I add, go into a store and leave car running. I might add if you work from home and plan to carry on after baby is born clear the slate first. As a soon-to-be mama, I appreciate all of these suggestions and will do them all just because I still can!!! This website is broken down into specific categories: Getting Pregnant, Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, and Baby and Beyond. Take all of your prized possessions that you’d be devastated to see broken or lost or thrown up on, and place them carefully in a large box. Have a lengthy phone conversation about absolutely nothing. Phone conversations become harder after you have a baby. In her spare time, Bethany likes to nap, read good books, write, scrapbook, and spend an embarrassing amount of time playing Candy Crush Saga. One in school and a 3 year old who is always home, a husband who works long hours and animals.

She writes about (and finds the humor in) her mommy-ing adventures on her blog, "I was promised more naps." She also periodically shares her random and usually pointless musings on Facebook. I was taken out of work very early in my pregnancy and I made sure that I thoroughly enjoyed not only the time I had baby free, but my pregnancy as well.
So I know all those things on scary momma list are impossible or very hard to do after baby!!! Especially because I’m on book 6 of the House of Night series and I want to finish the series before she arrives. We got so much of that stuff and about Hour 3 after you get home you realize you don’t need about 99% of it.
The kind that requires you to be semi-awake and coherent if you want to actually understand what’s going on. I got dragged into hospital early April, lost a whole month, most of my clients and damn did I get the baby that shuns sleep!! So then you put it in the closet aaaaand forget you have it and either buy it again OR realize you never needed it in the first place because it’s for babies 3 months and younger and they are now 4 months old.

Now that my son is two, I read novels again, but I know that’s going to change once the new baby comes. So call up an old friend and discuss the weather, your favorite television show, that crazy thing that some celebrity did this week, the weird way the bank teller pronounced your name yesterday, and whether your favorite springtime flower is the daffodil or the tulip.
I think I was a pre-teen when I took my mom’s favorite clock off the wall to change it for Daylight Savings Time and accidentally dropped it on the floor. While I was pregnant with my first, I stayed up until 5am reading books two and three of The Hunger Games trilogy. No diaper bag to pack and baby to feed one last time before you head out, no struggling to get a crying infant into a car seat, no trying to plan a trip around naptime and mealtime and cranky time.

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