Artificial insemination success rate

After endoscopic surgery for severe endometriosis, there is a 36% spontaneous pregnancy rate after one year. IVF has a 30% to 40% success rate per treatment cycle and up to 50% per cycle in those younger than 35 years. GIFT has a 30% to 40% success rate per treatment cycle, depending on the woman's age and the semen analysis of her partner.

ICSI has the same results as IVF, and the pregnancy rate is often grouped together with that of IVF, namely 30% to 40% per treatment cycle.
Using donor sperm has a 10% to 15% success rate per cycle, increasing to 50% over four treatment cycles. If normal anatomy can be restored, the pregnancy rate after surgery may be as high as 60%, but a badly damaged tube gives little chance of success.

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