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So here we are, seven years after our first son was born getting ready to try for baby #2. But things are different this time around. Speaking of ovulation cycles, thanks to modern technology, there are many great apps (my favorite is Ovuline) that exist where you can very easily track your cycle and make it a stress-free experience.
It’s a great idea to start taking prenatal vitamins while you are trying to get pregnant so that you are getting the right amount of folic acid every day.
They are much less complicated than an ovulation kit, and will simply guide you towards the best days to get busy!
Here's the lowdown -- including tips on trying to conceive, and information on the best time to conceive. We have survived the seven-year itch and are ready to complete our family and make our son a big brother, and we’re pretty darn excited!

Whether this is your first baby or not, there are a few things to consider at the very, very beginning, when you have just made that decision to try for a child. Yes, the people closest to you in your life may know you are trying to conceive, but this is something that you and your partner are going through together privately — so make it a fun and exciting experience! Thankfully, there are alternatives now that I didn’t have during my first pregnancy, such as Rainbow Light Prenatal Precious Gems (gummies) or Premama Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix — goodbye horse pills! Start keeping track of what you are eating and the nutrition that’s coming from those foods. Thanks to social media, there are some really fun ways to announce to friends and families as well as creative ways to tell children that they will be a big brother or sister soon. Pregnancy Sex Tips: Have Fun Sex and Get Pregnant Trying to conceive doesn't have to feel like work.

There is no reason to get rid of a family pet to make room for a newborn if you follow a few simple guidelines to keep your baby safe. How to Conceive The Gender You Want If you're hoping for a boy, or really dreaming of a boy -- here's all you need to know about gender determination. 15 Words Every Baby-Making Couple Should Know When you're trying to conceive, sperm and egg aren't the only words you'll hear tossed around.

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