Are pregnancy symptoms hereditary

Your first pregnancy is full of unknowns (hey, even your second one can be a bit of a mystery), which is why you’re eager for info on what to expect. Your and your partner’s sizes are strong predictors of how big your baby will be at birth. If you arrived two weeks after your due date, chances are your baby is going to be fashionably late, too.

If you two were both on the smaller side as newborns (and are still petite people), then — lucky you!
From long labors to gestational diabetes, here are some common pregnancy and labor conditions and info on which ones are hereditary.
Even if you are predisposed to pregnancy queasiness, you can still combat it by always keeping some food in your stomach, sticking to foods that appeal to you and are easily digestible, and talking to your doctor about taking B6 supplements, which can nix nausea.

You can beat the odds if you maintain a healthy weight by eating well (skip the ice-cream binges) and exercising regularly during pregnancy.

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