All natural pregnancy lotion

Mama's Belly Butter   Print This recipe is adapted from the Stretch Mark Cream in Natural Beauty at Home by Janice Cox (page 86). About Stacy KarenStacy, a homeschooling Mom of three, enjoys healthy, natural living and is a make-it-from-scratch maniac.
I just made this for my sweet pregnant daughter-in-law and then made a jar for myself because it is so fantastic and easy. Of course, I should mention that the best way to feel your best during pregnancy is through nourishing food. My son’s teacher is pregnant, she’s a very nice person and ever since she told me she was pregnant i wanted to make herva cream for her belly to avoid the stretch marks and i found it!!!!!

It is also an antioxidant and acts as a preservative in lotions and creams, hindering fatty ingredients from going rancid. I find that many are made from wheat germ, and I am so allergic to wheat that just touching flour makes me break out in hives. Give it and your baby some extra love with our regenerative belly butter safe for pregnancy. First of all, before I even get to the effectiveness of it, I want to talk about the scent.
It typically comes in solid form, but melts at body temperature, allowing it to be readily absorbed into the skin.

A complement to our Soothing Body Wash, this stretch mark cream tops off our skin care line for pregnancy. A complement to our Soothing Body Wash, this stretch mark cream tops off our skin care line for pregnancy.

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