After having a baby what now

So far, so standard-issue slender A-list celebrity – until you remember that Rosamund, 35, had a baby just FIVE WEEKS ago.
Becoming a mum does funny things to our self-image, and I’m sure getting glammed up and showcasing fantastic figures so soon after popping a baby out helps restore some sense of identity for these celebs. When my daughter was three months old I put out a bum muscle and couldn’t walk for three weeks after embarking on a rigorous running routine designed to have me looking like Gisele Bundchen. So HOORAH for those celebs who break the mould and refuse to slim down to the size of a toothpick before their baby has finished teething. Last week actress Kristen Bell, 34, was pictured on the red carpet just three weeks after her daughter Delta was born, looking reassuringly curvaceous, as did Ginnifer Goodwin, 36, at a recent awards do.

Ever since the model gave birth to baby James, she’s posted images of her son all over the place. She is also the editor-in-chief of Duchess of Cambridge Style, an online fashion community devoted to chronicling what the former Kate Middleton wears, events she attends and where to get her looks. The 33-year-old presenter shocked fans when she posted a picture of herself with a worrying thigh gap, 20 months after son Rex came along. I can bet you there are just as many parts of her body she hates as the woman who can’t shift her baby belly.
Socialite Tamara Ecclestone, 30, pulled off the extraordinary feat of managing to look SLIMMER than she was pre-pregnancy just days after giving birth to her daughter Sophia last October.

As well as heading back to the gym, Sarah’s also been using waist training like Kim Kardashian used after she gave birth to North West. And let us not forget Simon Cowell’s squeeze Lauren Silverman, 37, who took to a Miami beach in a skimpy sarong just ten days after giving birth to baby Eric last February. And, frankly, I’m too bloody busy looking after a one year old to worry too much about it.

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