After 40 week pregnancy

Although you won't feel your cervix opening or thinning out, it is probably happening this week. If your baby has dropped this week, the uncomfortable feeling in your pelvis may be traced to a certain someone's little head bumping up against your hips and bladder.
While no one really knows what causes those painful spasms in your legs, it's a good bet that carrying around all that pregnancy weight (especially this week!) is a pain in the legs. Track your baby's development Get expert guidance from the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting resource, delivered via email, our apps and website.
This is the last stage of your pregnancy and you may find it quite a long week, especially if your due date has passed.
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After birth, his body will convert the starch into glucose as he waits for your milk to come in. That's because after nine months in such cramped quarters, it'll take a while before your baby realizes that he or she has room to spread out.

Unless your baby is imminent danger, it's not typically considered until you are two weeks past due.
Even if you only have days left to go, invest in a pregnancy body pillow if you haven't already. In the meantime, get some relief by chewing gum after every meal (as well as popping those Tums).
Dilation is measured in centimeters and effacement in percentages; after an internal exam, your practitioner will probably give you the measurements.
However, now the major developments now occur in the heart and lungs of your baby after birth. About half of all pregnancies last longer than 40 weeks and it's anyone's guess when yours might end (though your practitioner will probably not let it go longer than 42 weeks, thankfully). This so-called "molding" is the reason your baby's noggin may look a little conehead-ish after birth.
Up till now placenta was been delivering oxygen and carbon dioxide, but after the birth lungs will take up their job.

Mother Nature knows what she's doing (for the most part) and the majority of newborns are pretty well matched to the size of their mothers (if you're small-boned, chances are you're not carrying sumo baby in there — unless, of course, you've eaten like a sumo wrestler during pregnancy). After birth, the blood present in the lungs is oxygenated and the baby begins to take normal breathing.
The respiration rate varies for the few initial days, but normally the respiration rate of a baby after birth is 50 per minute. She'll do this when the risks of prolonging your pregnancy are higher than the risks of induction. Most practitioners will induce labor if you're still pregnant between one and two weeks after your due date. For others, the safety and effectiveness remain unknown.This week's activityKick back and relax.

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