Advice on teaching during pregnancy

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You're sitting in front of your yoga class getting ready to start class and you notice a pregnant women enter and sit down on her mat. You aren't alone in the yoga teaching world of being uncomfortable, to say the least, in teaching pregnant women.
Though teaching prenatal might not be on your radar, I wanted to pass along some pointers to the teachers out there who do have a secret fear of pregnant women entering their class.
As parents, we all know that it can sometimes be a struggle to keep the family healthy during the cold and flu season, with little ones often suffering from between 8-10 colds a year. Teaching your child good hygiene habits for when they are sick can help stop it spreading to others.

Pregnancy can sap your energy, but regular bouts of exercise will help you get through your day. Track your baby's development Get expert guidance from the world's #1 pregnancy and parenting resource, delivered via email, our apps and website. However after going through a training to teach prenatal with my teacher Shiva Rea, I not only lost my fear and apprehension of having a pregnant student in class, but I also have come to completely love teaching prenatal classes. And know that if you're truly uncomfortable, discuss your issues with your studio so that the front desk knows how to direct a pregnant woman seeking knowledgeable instruction. If consistent practitioners become pregnant, it is advisable for them to begin adding in or shifting over to prenatal classes during the late 2nd trimester or beginning of their 3rd trimester.
Heat is ill-advised during all phases of pregnancy, so suggest to those who are into a heated practice to shift to one that's not.
During the first trimester, chill out on hardcore inversions (ie handstand, headstand, etc.) even if the practitioner has a consistent practice. Teaching your children about the flu and how to try and stay healthy can help limit the number of colds they do catch.

And the good news is that you can safely start an exercise program during pregnancy even if you've been an avid couch potato until now. Twisting in the abdomen compresses and wrings out that region which clearly doesn't make any sense to do during pregnancy.
Since the belly needs to expand, it's not advisable at any point in the pregnancy to work on building abs. Though pregnant practitioners may feel comfortable lying on their stomachs very early on in the pregnancy, it's best to get them into the practice of creating space for the belly.
Learn about workout do's and don'ts.Read more Exercise and Weight ManagementGaining weight is healthy and necessary during pregnancy, but it's important to manage your weight and stay fit.

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