Advice on early pregnancy

Women trying for a baby and those in the first three months of pregnancy should not drink any alcohol, updated UK guidelines say.
Alcohol units guidePhilippa Marsden, of the RCOG, said: "For women planning a family, it is advisable not to drink during this time.
But the RCOG highlights around the time of conception and the first three months of pregnancy as the most risky. Either partner drinking heavily can make it more difficult to conceive."During early pregnancy, the safest approach is to abstain from alcohol and after the first trimester keep within the recommended amounts if you do decide to have an alcohol drink.

It may be wise to avoid alcohol when planning a baby, but the fact is many pregnancies are not planned. Alcohol in pregnancyDrinking alcohol may affect the unborn baby as some will pass through the placenta.
It is very troubling to see women so concerned about the damage they have caused their baby they consider ending what would otherwise be a wanted pregnancy, when there's no need for such anxiety.
After this time, women are advised to not drink more than one to two units, more than once or twice a week, it says.

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