About pregnancy in quran

You can choose to make pregnancy the most memorable and productive experience of life, or you can spend it whining and crying. This is one aspect of pregnancy that’s given all the attention and it’s is for that reason that we sometimes have a very troubled pregnancy because our (and of those around) focus is directed towards the physical aspect of pregnancy while the three other spectrums of need are totally ignored.
The hormonal imbalance coupled with mood swings, frequent urination, headaches, and back pain do not make pregnancy an experience to cherish. In order to enjoy a productive and peaceful pregnancy these needs must be in harmony with each other.

Hang out with positive people who boost your morale and help you sail smoothly through your pregnancy. Never, never, never be ungrateful to Allah (swt) for the pregnancy even if it was unplanned. So here is an example from the Quran, about the story of a famous Prophet who was in the same fix, and how he dealt with it.
Note that there is a difference between complaining about Allah, which is completely unacceptable, and complaining to Allah, which is praiseworthy.

Read books and articles, attend programs, listen to informative lectures to educate yourself about the pregnancy, its challenges, and how can you overcome them. It’s very important for a father to play an active role in pregnancy in order to be able to strongly bond with his child.

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